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Cardboard boxes

Flap boxes are the most popular cardboard boxes. They are manufactured in accordance with the FEFCO 201 standard. They are distinguished by the use of closing flaps on both sides. A distinctive feature is that the individual pairs of flaps are closed equally (they have the same width). The connection of such boxes is always central.

Proper selection of boxes ensures that packaged goods have adequate protection during transport or storage. In order to achieve that the following primary aspects should be considered: size and durability.
The size of the box is the basic information which must be determined when deciding on the proper packaging.
The packed item should easily fit in the box. When it is to be additionally protected with bubble wrap or filler should, some reserve should be considered. The primary information which describes the size of the box is length and width - which constitute the base of the box - and its height. These are provided in millimetres. The standard size is the inner dimension of the box, and if the given dimensions are the external dimensions, it is referred to in its name. 

Another important aspect which should be considered is the durability of the box. Our offer includes both single wall and double wall cardboard boxes.

Boxes made of single wall cardboard are manufactured in two types:

  • B flute - the thickness of the cardboard (cardboard wall) is ~2.8 mm,
  • C flute - the thickness of the cardboard (cardboard wall) is ~4 mm.

Boxes made of double wall cardboard are characterised by a much greater durability and are offered in two types:

  • EB flute - the thickness of the cardboard (cardboard wall) is ~4.3 mm,
  • BC flute - the thickness of the cardboard (cardboard wall) is ~6.5 mm.

If you want to pack fragile or very heavy items, you should definitely use double wall cardboard boxes.
Another important parameter describing the durability of the box is the density of the cardboard, which is expressed in grams/m². The higher the density, the harder and durable the box (more resistant to mechanical damage such as punctures). 
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Which tape should I choose?

Adhesive tapes have a very wide range of applications - from household to industrial. Their basic advantage is the fact that they are always ready to use and bond elements instantly - there is no need to wait, as in the case of e.g. glue.

In trade, there are different widths of tape, however the most popular is the tape with a width of 48 mm. This optimum size makes packing parcels easy and convenient. Adhesive packaging tapes adhere well to cardboard, paper and foil.


Adhesive packaging tapes may be classified according to various criteria, however the most common criterion is the type of glue used on a tape:

  • ACRYLIC - the least expensive, most popular and most often purchased packaging tape with aqueous acrylic adhesive used as the join layer. It should be used in temperatures above 0oC and in dry conditions.
  • HOT-MELT - it these types of tapes it is synthetic rubber that is used as the join layer. It is more resistant to moisture than acrylic tapes. It should also be used in plus temperatures.
  • SOLVENT - the most durable tape from our offer, where natural rubber is used as the join layer. It may be used in minus temperatures (down to -25oC) and highly humid conditions. 


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Boxes adjusted to euro pallets.

If you are a manufacturer or an importer or if you pack goods in cardboard boxes, and then send or transport them on pallets, you need to remember to avoid logistical problems and use boxes which make full use of the pallet volume once put on the pallet.
You should avoid situations in which boxes protrude beyond the pallet's outline by 2-3 cm (sometimes even more), since they may be easily damaged or loading onto means of transport may be difficult or a delivery company may refuse to deliver such cargo or require additional fee for oversized cargo. Likewise, not making full use of the pallet's surface is uneconomical.

In such cases, we suggest boxes with dimensions matching a standard EURO pallet (1200mmx800mm).
Boxes for pallet shipments - click here to see
When using the above-mentioned boxes you can be certain that your goods take full advantage of the entire volume of the pallet and safely reach their destination.


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